The mission of Illahe Hills Country Club is to enrich the lives of its members by providing an excellent member experience in a family-friendly environment.
To be an exceptional Country Club for members and their families.
Members are the focus of everything we do.
Excellent service to members and their guests is essential.
The Governance Committee identified factors and events that could have short-term or long-term impacts on the future of the club.  These strategic issues describe specific areas of emphasis that need to be addressed in strategic planning for the club.
  • Ensure the long-term financial stability of the Club.
Provide and sustain continuous improvement in the quality of the golf course, facilities, programs, and services of the Club.
  • Provide and sustain an exceptional culture of consistently high quality to every aspect of the Club.
  • Be prepared for factors or events that could impact the future
of the Club.
As required by the Illahe Hills Country Club bylaws, the Board of Directors has approved the following Goals and Objectives for the year 2023. 
Annually each club committee develops a set of Goals and Objectives for their specific area of responsibility.  These recommended Goals and Objectives are reviewed and consolidated into a single integrated set of Goals and Objectives along with action plans to be implemented for the year and beyond.

GOAL 1.  Ensure the long-term financial stability of the Club.
OBJECTIVE 1.1:  Formulate and maintain short-term and long-term plans to support the Board of Directors’ financial management and long-range planning responsibilities.
ACTION 1.1.1: Develop a long-range financial plan to fully fund depreciation.
                Responsibility:  Finance Committee
                Projected completion date:  Review annually
ACTION 1.1.2:  Develop long-range forecasts for replacing and upgrading the golf course, golf course/range equipment, and maintenance equipment, clubhouse, racquet and pool facilities.
Responsibility:  Golf, Green, House, Recreation, Finance, and Governance Committees
                Projected completion date:  Review annually
ACTION 1.1.3:  Review committee budget priorities against Strategic Plan and Master Plans to prioritize spending to achieve short-term and long-term goals.
Responsibility:  Governance Committee
Projected Completion date:  Annually
OBJECTIVE 1.2:  Maintain the club memberships at levels necessary for successful club operations.
ACTION 1.2.1:  Develop an annual recruitment plan for all membership classes.
                                Responsibility: Membership Committee
                                Projected completion date: Review annually.
ACTION 1.2.2:  Develop events and activities which encourage camaraderie of members and facilitate marketing and raising community profile of the club.
                                Responsibility:  Golf Committee, Activities Committee, Recreation Committee
                                Projected completion date: Review annually.

GOAL 2: Ensure continuous improvement in the quality of the golf course, club facilities, programs and services.
OBJECTIVE 2.1: Provide a high-quality golf course along with swimming, racquet, and other club facilities.
ACTION 2.1.1:  Ensure that each venue is the best possible to provide a high level of experience for members.
                                Responsibility:  Green Committee, Recreation Committee, House Committee
                                Projected completion date:  Review annually. See addendum
ACTION 2.1.2: Continue with consideration and implementation of course improvements recommended by golf course architect Dan Hixson in the Hixson Long Range Golf Course Improvement Plan of 2015 to include (page numbers refer to the Hixson document):
  • Internal golf course views and sightlines pp 2,10
  • Expand Greens to original size (mowing issue) p3
  • Additional tees p 3,6.  See Action 2.2.3a.
  • Varied mowing patterns to enhance green complexes (greens and bunkers) p 4
  • Improve bunkering – pp 4,5. completed 2016. 
                                                Proper construction and maintenance. Ongoing. p 5. See Action 3.1.5
  • Monitor cart paths for damage. p 6
  • Improve practice areas. p 6
  • Tree management plan. p 11. See Action 3.1.3
  • Reshape the pond on #4. p 14
  • Rebuild the #9 green. p 16
  • New green complex on #15. p 18
Action 2.1.2a: Continue construction of tees, emphasizing forward tees, so that the course can be played from a minimum approximately 4800 to 5000 yards to a maximum of approximately 7,000 yards.  Forward tees completed on  holes 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 14 / white tee completed hole 9 / black tees completed hole 7, 6, 12, and 15.  Tees still to complete are black tees on 4 and 14, forward tees on 3, 6, and 15, and the drop tee on 5. 
                                Responsibility:  Green Committee
Projected completion date: ongoing – All tees that remain to be completed have been cited and approved by Dan Hixson and Steve Bowen.  Back tees on 4 and 14 are considered as possible projects.                              
OBJECTIVE 2.2: Provide opportunities for golf, social and other recreational programs consistent with member expectations.
ACTION 2.2.1:  Develop social activities to integrate golf, swim, racquet, and other venues to increase member engagement in social activities.
Responsibility:  Golf Committee, Recreation Committee, Activities Committee
                                Projected completion date: Ongoing
ACTION 2.2.2:  Continue to develop racquet sports programs, swim programs, and golf programs for children and adults.
Responsibility: Golf Committee, Recreation Committee, Activities Committee
                                Projected completion date:  Ongoing
Objective 2.3: Ensure high quality food, beverages, and service; create environment as first choice for social and dining activities by members.
ACTION 2.3.1 Create annual events for members to enjoy.
Responsibility:  Activities Committee
                                Projected completion date: Review annually
GOAL 3:  Remain aware of factors and events that could impact the future of the club
Objective 3.1: Establish a process to review and record factors and events which may in the short or long-term impact the club, positively or negatively, and prepare appropriate response alternatives.

Note:  Short- term projects have been identified as those areas of the club that are in need of attention in the near future.  Each listed project has been assigned a priority in accordance with the level of needed attention.
ACTION 3.1.1
PRIORITY 1 – New dining furniture: Develop short-term plan with funding alternatives to replace and improve furniture in the dining room, banquet furniture, and add complimentary new furniture in the Pub.
Responsibility:  Finance Committee and House Committee
Projected completion date: Banquet tables and white resin chairs 2023.

Note:  Long-term projects have been identified as those projects that will need attention within the next 5 to 7 years and for which planning should be started as soon as possible.  Long term projects have been identified by tier levels, i.e., Tier 1 for projects that will likely need attention before projects in either of Tier 2 or Tier 3.
ACTION 3.1.3
Tier 1 – Long Term Tree Management Plan: Develop a long-term tree management plan as described by Hixson in the 2015 Long Range Golf Course Improvement Plan.  Tree removal, planting and pruning are actions that need to be considered on a continuing basis and will be completed using both in-house staff and contract tree services.   A comprehensive tree map has been compiled and updated in 2022.  Trees should continue to be evaluated in terms of agronomic impact, safety, strategic impact, history, aesthetics, species type and maintenance requirements.  
Responsibility: Green Committee
Project completion date:  Ongoing.
ACTION 3.1.4
Tier 1 – Golf Course Irrigation: Prepare an 8 to 10-year long-term plan, including funding alternatives, for major maintenance, improvement, and replacement of the irrigation system in coordination with Action 3.1.8, Fairway Drainage.  Plan under discussion:  Continue to build capital improvement fund to enable payment of, at least, ½ of cost/loan of approximately $1.25 million before commencing. Consider alternative plans also.
The Finance Committee in conjunction with the Board approved allocating $4,900 of the Lease Expense savings moved from CIF to operations to be set aside in the Strategic CIF beginning July 2020 for the irrigation system.  In addition, starting February 2022 after our short-term loan for the Bunker/Fitness Room project is paid off an additional $5,500 will be reallocated to the Strategic CIF for the Irrigation Project.   
Responsibility: Finance Committee and Green Committee
Projected completion date for plan: Monthly

ACTION 3.1.5
Tier 1 – Sand and bunkers.  The long-term plan for Sand and Bunkers emphasizes on-going bunker management that promotes consistent and uniform bunker conditions across the entire course.  Sand depth and condition will be routinely monitored with maintenance costs (including sand purchase for repair and replacement) coming out of the operations budget.  The drainage on some bunkers needs to be connected to a drainage field.  The five most in need of improved drainage have been identified and will be improved in 2023 (#7 right side fairway, #13 right greenside, #15 fairway, #16 approach and #19 practice green).  Bunker drainage on all bunkers will be monitored yearly.  Membership will be encouraged to help keep bunkers uniform thru the newsletter, Clubster, social media and reminders and training incorporated with other club activities.  Other long-term issues will be reviewed by the Greens Committee as needed. 
Responsibility:  Finance Committee and Green Committee
Projected completion date: Ongoing.
ACTION 3.1.6
Tier 1 – Comprehensive Pond and Stream Management Plan: Develop a long-term comprehensive pond and stream management plan that includes dredging method and funding alternatives. 
                                                Responsibility: Finance Committee and Green Committee
Projected completion date:  Long-term pond and stream management plan projected completion date: Spring 2023. 
ACTION 3.1.7
Tier 1 – Plumbing System: Continue with plumbing repairs as needed each year. Expected costs from the operating budget will be $4,000 to $5,000 annually.  Periodically assess the need for improved total plumbing system based on repairs and other factors.
Responsibility:  Staff
Projected completion date:  Ongoing

ACTION 3.1.8
Tier 1 – Course Drainage:  Develop a long-term plan to improve drainage on fairways, approaches, areas around tees, and other poorly drained areas.  The plan will be to purchase and rent equipment, purchase materials, and complete the project with in-house management and labor.  Contract labor will be used when necessary and an outside consultant (Jeff Horan) will be hired as needed.  Project will be funded through the operations budgeting process, and yearly CIF proposals, and strategic CIF funds.  Anticipated timeline for funding will require that the project be spread over a period of five to seven years with the most problematic areas addressed first.  Total project cost estimates will be developed but are expected to be less than half the cost of using an outside contractor.   An additional benefit for an in-house plan is that the timing of the work will be more flexible.  The project will be re-evaluated annually to consider equipment purchase opportunities and other monetary and practical efficiency factors.  Coordination with Action 3.1.4 will be required.  
Responsibility: Staff and Green Committee
Projected completion date: ongoing

The following are projects submitted by Club committees for future projects to be considered under our annual Capital Improvement Fund.
  1. Clubhouse exterior painting/staining. Estimated cost 2020 $62,000. - House Committee – Projected completion date Spring 2023
  2. Clubhouse interior lighting audit. - $52,000 House Committee
  3. Clubhouse Restrooms Remodel (lobby, pro shop). $76.000 – House Committee
    • Pro shop portion approved for 2022 CIF
  4. Putting Course design and implementation. – Membership Committee, Green Committee
    • $ released to develop a design plan with Course Architect Dan Hixson
  5. President’s Lounge Remodel $139,000
  6. Modular restroom on hole 13
  7. Sealcoating Parking Lot – Building Reserve
  8. Replace Fire Alarm – Building Reserve
  9. Banquet tables and chairs – House Committee Spring 2023
  10. Accessibility pathway – House Committee
  11. Enclosed pool bar area – House Committee
  12. Improve and expand chipping and putting practice areas